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Warrior Diet, Warrior Mentality

                As humans have evolved we have lost a vital aspect of being the best versions of ourselves. We have become weak, not only physically, but mentally. ‘easier said than done’ or ‘the world is out to get me’ are two commonly used phrases when a task at hand, or a situation seems difficult or overwhelming. But isn’t everything literally easier said than done? I mean, something as simple as tying your shoes or brushing your teeth is 100% easier SAID than DONE. Does that mean they’re not worth doing? I certainly hope not.

Having a warrior mentality doesn’t mean you have to think that you’re William Wallace from Braveheart or that you have to train for 6 hours a day, sleep for 4, and repeat the process for 365. Having a warrior mentality means knowing you can always improve, and that your biggest and scariest opponent is the one looking back at you in the mirror. It means to not waste your precious time and energy battling with others, rather with life and knowing that everything that comes your way, good or bad, fair or unfair is a mirrored reflection of the effort you have decided to put into it. It means embracing the challenges that life throws your way with a feeling of passion and grit, knowing that you will come out the other side a better version of yourself 

A warrior is always ready for action at any given moment with energy available whenever it is called upon. When we eat big meals or combine absurd varieties of food at one sitting our bodies need to focus excessive amounts of energy and blood towards digesting these foods which can cause you to feel mentally and physically drained. You know, that 3pm crash that you dread everyday and try to counteract with toxic amounts of caffeine and sugar? The warrior diet focuses on the concept that food is fuel and that you only allow your body enough fuel for continued combustion of energy. This diet usually consists of small meals eaten every 2-3 hours throughout the day. These are considered simple meals or ‘mono meals’ consisting of only 1-2 whole foods that promote the same type of digestion (alkaline or acidic). When implementing a warrior mentality to your life, the food choices you make should support your body in allowing it to function optimally whenever called upon. The Warrior only eats large meals during celebration or ritual. So in modern society, once the long work day is done and you have achieved everything you set out to achieve for that day you are now able to unwind and eat a big meal, allowing your body the time and energy it needs to focus on digesting the celebratory feast.

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